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Romance is an extraordinarily important part of my life.

I would even consider it to be an identifying feature of my personality. The reason that this blog has come about though, is that I believe, for my generation, it is becoming an important part of how we all identify. Romance comes in many forms; it has also passed through as many changes as any other fashion. 

We are the Millennial generation, and we are as unique as all those who have gone before us. We are often subjected to criticism about the way we choose to live our lives, from our education to our careers, to the way we treat each other and the way we present ourselves. 

And yet, in a world that owes us nothing, we give everything.

Grappling to pave our way in a world already well used by past generations, we don't respond with austerity, apathy and shame. We respond with passion, recklessness, beautiful youth and best of all, love. Our romance is with the universe, and this is beginning to show in the way we love each other too. 

We're beginning to trust in love again; with so much else in the world broken, it sometimes seems to be the only untouched thing left that we can handle. Maybe it will break, but maybe it will last forever, and no one can take a risk like us.

Yes, I said Yes is about this faith, this unique romance. It is a blog that will transfer the energy of our youth into the commitments we are making to each other, and explore the process of engagement and marriage in our young generation. I'll be using my passion for weddings to help inspire young couples with relatable, affordable ideas, and above all, I will be celebrating our passion.

We love not because we are entitled, but simply because we know that we do.


Hannah Elizabeth

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